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Additional Services

Fee Schedule

Account Fees
Share Account Closing Fee (If closed within six months of opening)$10.00 per occasion
Share Savings Re-Opening Fee (If re-opened within six months of closing)$25.00 per occasion
Low Relationship Fee: If total member relationship is less than $200. The total member relationship is the combined average balance in any savings account, checking account, certificate or loan. Fee does not apply to members under the age of 21 or members that have an active Pay Me First Account. Total member relationship is determined at the end of each calendar month.$30.00 per month
Pay ME First Withdrawal / Transfer Fee $10.00 per withdrawal / transfer if account balance is less than $500.00
Club Account Early Withdrawal Fee $10.00 per withdrawal
Share Savings Overdrawn Fee $30.00 per item
Money Market Withdrawal Fee (If more than three per month)$10.00 per withdrawal
Overdraft/Courtesy Pay Fee $30.00 per item
Returned Item Fee $30.00 per item
Returned Deposited Item Fee $5.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee $30.00 per item
Interest Checking Account Service Fee $4.00 per month if the average monthly balance is below $400
Business Account Fees See Business Account Brochure

Visa Debit/ATM Card
Fifteen (15) PIN transactions per month are allowed free of charge**.  Each additional transaction is $1.00.
Maximum daily ATM withdrawal limit of $400
Maximum of three (3) ATM transactions per day
Card Replacement Fee $10.00 per card
Visa Travel Card Fee $6.95 per card
Visa Gift Card Fee $3.00 per card

Safe Deposit Box Fees
Box Size Annual Fee/Master's Reduced
3 x 5 (Bridge St. & Faribault) $20.00/$15.00
5 x 5 (Faribault only) $25.00/$20.00
3 x 10 (Bridge St. & Faribault) $30.00/$25.00
5 x 10 (Bridge St. & Faribault) $40.00/ NA
10 x 10 (Bridge St. & Faribault) $75.00/NA
Drilling of Box Fee $125.00
Single Key Replacement Fee $40.00

Other Service Fees (Applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconciliation Fee $15.00 per hour
Account Research Fee $15.00 per hour
Statement Copy Fee $3.00 per copy
Returned Mail Fee $3.00 per item
Check Printing Fee See Check Catalog
Wire Transfer Fee $25.00 per transfer
International Wire Transfer Fee $60.00 per transfer
Cashier's Check / Money Order Fee $2.00 per item up to $4999.99 | $5.00 per item $5000.00 & up
Coin/Currency Purchase Fee 5% of Purchase***
Dormant Account Fee $15.00 per Month (If account is inactive for six months and account balance is under $200.00)
Abandoned Account Fee $15.00 per Month
Duplicate Mortgage and Judgment Satisfaction Fee $25.00
Duplicate Lien Holder Release Fee $10.00
Mortgage Subordination Fee $200.00
Levy Processing Fee $50.00
Skip Payment Fee $39.00
Bill Pay Check Copy Fee $6.00 per copy
Draft/Check Copy Fee $3.00 per copy | FREE through Home Banking
Send Popmoney 3-day Fee $1.00 per request
Send Popmoney next day Fee $2.00 per request
Receive Popmoney 3-day Fee $1.00 per request
Send Account-to-Account Fee $1.00 per request

* This fee is imposed for overdrafts created by checks, ATM withdrawals and other electronic withdrawals.

** To minimize PIN transactions for point-of-sale purchases, always select the CREDIT option when given the choice.

*** Credit Union must be given one (1) week notice for coin orders of more than $50 and currency orders more than $100.

****Fees could reduce earnings on this account.

Safe Deposit Boxes

How do you plan to keep your important documents and valuables safe?

Although many people keep valuables close by in a closet, safe, or file cabinet at home or in the office, these places probably are not as resistant to fire, water, or theft as they should be. A safe deposit box can protect your valuables from damage or loss.

Safeguard important papers such as family records, original deeds, titles, mortgages, leases, and other contracts; stocks, bonds, and certificates. Protect jewels, medals, rare stamps, and other valuables in your box. If you take the time to backup your electronic files on flash drives or external hard drives, take the next step and protect those storage devices from loss by storing them in a safe deposit box.

We have a variety of box sizes to choose from at our Bridge St. and Faribault Office locations.

See Fees above for box sizes and prices.

Notary Public

Notary Service

We have notary service available at all of our offices for your convenience. There is no charge to members who use this service.

Night Deposit

For your protection and convenience, we offer night deposit boxes at each of our office locations. After hours you can be assured that your deposits are in safekeeping and will be processed in a timely manner.

Wire Transfers

Transfer funds from your Credit Union account to another financial institution in the United States or abroad, in most instances within the same business day. Contact a representative for details.

Direct Deposit

Are you still making a trip to the Credit Union each payday to deposit your check? Why not have it safely and conveniently deposited for you?  Your paycheck will be in your account whether you can make it to the Credit Union or not! Direct Deposit . . .   You’ll love the freedom it gives you!

Telephone Banking

Telephone banking provides you with access to your accounts 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. To use telephone banking, you will need your Credit Union member number, a PIN number and a touch tone phone. Contact a Credit Union Representative today to establish access.

To access Telephone Banking dial 1-800-492-5204.