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Student Loans

Make your dream education attainable.

Everyone knows that higher education can lead to future success, but let's face it, the cost of a college degree is daunting. From tuition, textbooks, food, and housing, the dollars add up!

HomeTown is here to help make continued education attainable with our Private Student Loans. You can easily apply online and get on your way to covering all qualified educational expenses. Whether the loan is paying for your whole tuition or the gap between your federal financial aid, HomeTown's Private Student Loans can help you be successful.

Private Student Loan Program

HomeTown offers Private Student Loans through our partnership with cuStudentLoans, a credit union managed network.

With Private Student Loans, you get:

  • Coverage for all qualified educational expenses at competitive interest rates, and with good grades, potentially lower rates
  • A fast online application with no origination fee
  • Borrow what you need and manage your account entirely online

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Private Student Loan Consolidation

Consolidate and refinance one or multiple student loans into one—with a potentially lower interest rate.

  • Simplify your payments into one monthly payment
  • Consolidate federal and private student loans
  • Competitive rates with extended repayment term
  • Cosigner release available after 12 on-time principal and interest payments
  • Interest-only payment options available

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