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Financial Ed

HomeTown Education Center

HomeTown Education Center

With Education as one of our core values, we are continually striving to provide members with a wide array of financial education resources. Because of this, we've partnered with Banzai to bring our members of all ages free, in-depth financial education courses, articles, and learning tools all in one place — our HomeTown Education Center. We are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals, learn about financial opportunities you may have, and plan for anything the future may bring you. 

Access the main site at the link below, or choose a direct link to a topic, course, or virtual coach in the sections that follow.

Access the HomeTown Education Center

Explore a Variety of Financial Topics 

Access our Learning Courses

  • Banzai Junior
    (Ages 8-12)

    Learn about saving, spending, and reaching financial goals by opening a lemonade stand.


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  • Banzai Teen
    (Ages 13-18)

    Your character is a recent high school graduate navigating saving, working, and unexpected challenges.


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  • Banzai Plus
    (Teens & Young Adults)

    Your character tackles all the real-life challenges of adulthood — how to spend money, navigate a home purchase, and reach a variety of life goals.

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