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HomeTown Mastercard® Credit Cards Coming Soon

We're Enhancing our Credit Card

To provide HomeTown members with new, enhanced credit card benefits, we are officially changing from Visa® Credit Cards to Mastercard®.

All members who currently have a Visa Credit Card with us will automatically receive a new Mastercard Credit Card by Sunday, September 17, regardless of the expiration date listed on the current card. New cards should be activated promptly on or after September 17 for continued card access and improved benefits. Members without our Visa Credit Card can get a new Mastercard Credit Card beginning on September 18.

When your new card arrives, you'll enjoy:

  • Uninterrupted account access — Once you activate your card on or after September 17, you may begin using it right away. Credit limits and statement close dates will remain the same.
  • Continued convenience and security — Shopping with a credit card is faster than writing checks and safer than carrying cash, plus you'll have access to Mastercard Global Service for lost and stolen card assistance. For additional security, your name and account number will now appear on the back of your card and the signature panel has been eliminated.
  • Great new benefits — Your new Mastercard Credit Card will now work with contactless payment systems, Apple Pay, and Google Pay for faster, streamlined purchases.

Mastercard Guide to Benefits

Please note, if you need access to any of your Visa Credit Card statements, they must be downloaded and saved ahead of time as previous statements will not be available after September 14. For instructions on how to save your statements, please click the link below.

Statement Access Instructions

Current Visa Credit Cardholders should continue using their existing card for now, then activate and start using the new Mastercard Credit Card on or after September 17. Cardholders should also provide the new credit card number to any merchants who automatically bill the card.

Don't have a Visa Credit Card but want the new Mastercard Credit Card?

We can begin issuing new Mastercard Credit Cards on Monday, September 18 — If you are interested, please talk to a HomeTown representative in one of our branches or by calling us at (888) 451-3798. We can provide you with additional card information and can get you on the list ahead of time!

We are very excited about the opportunity to provide our members with these additional card benefits. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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