Save Money. Win Money. Content

Save Money. Win Money.


The WINcentive® Savings Account is a prize linked savings program that mixes savings balances earning interest with the chance to win cash prizes!

How it works:

    • Savings account we are offering exclusively to our members
    • $5 minimum opening deposit
    • Every $25 saved earns you an entry into a state-wide cash prize drawing
    • Similar to a club account – make a commitment to save for 12 months
    • Prizes – $75,000 in total state-wide prizes in 2017
      • Monthly, 50 prizes for $100 each
      • Quarterly, 3 prizes for $1,000 each
      • Yearly, 1 grand prize for $5,000
    • Sign up now and start saving – the only requirements are that you must be a Minnesota resident, and in good standing with the credit union.



With the WINcentive® Savings Account, every $25 saved* earns you one entry into cash prize drawings ranging from $100 to $5,000 dollars. WINcentive Savings makes saving money easy and fun! Ask us how to open your account and start saving today!

Call 888-959-9428.

Ask HomeTown Credit Union for complete terms, conditions and official rules. Prize amounts are estimates and may be changed from time to time.

*Up to four entries per month.




Common questions/feedback:

  • I can’t save, or don’t know how to.
    • WINcentive is a great way to get started!  We make it easy: save just $25 per month for a chance to win prizes.  There are no monthly fees, so you can make sure all your money is going to savings.
  • I can only save a few dollars a month, and I don’t think that’s a meaningful amount.
    • The most important thing you can do is start a habit of saving. You only need to deposit $5 to get started. Plus, even a few dollars a month can take you far: if you saved just $10 a month, you would have enough money to repair a flat tire by the end of the year.
  • I don’t want another savings account.
    • WINcentive doesn’t charge monthly fees or require any additional work on your part.  Simply save $25 per month in the account and you’ll automatically earn an entry to win prizes.
  • What’s the catch?
    • There isn’t one.  This credit union wants all members to be saving and building a strong financial future, and this account is a great way for you to do that.
  • Is this gambling?
    • Participating in WINcentive Savings is not considered gambling under Minnesota state law. (For consumers who have questions or concerns about whether this account is considered gambling under their religion, direct them to talk to a trusted religious advisor).
  • Could winning a prize affect my public benefits?
    • Talk to your assigned benefits social worker if you think either savings or winning a prize could affect your benefits.
  • Are winnings taxable?
    • Winnings should be reported on your income tax returns.  The exact amount that is taxable depends on other factors, so we cannot predict how much tax you would have to pay on your winnings.
  • What happens at the end of 12 months?
    • Great question!  After 12 months, the account will automatically continue, meaning you will be signed up for another 12 months.  At that point you will also be allowed to make a free withdrawal during the “anniversary” month in which you opened your account.