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                                                 Enjoy HTCU @ Home!

* Easy to Navigate Screens
* Immediate Account Overview Each Time you Sign-on
* Access BillPay @ Home
* Download Transactions to All Versions of Microsoft Money
* Access E-Statements and Credit Card Information
* Quick and Easy Check Ordering

 Password Requirements:
Your HTCU @ Home password must be 6 digits in length, all numeric. This password is the same password you will use for mobile banking and Punchline audio response.  If you change the password for one, it will change it for all three types of account access.

First-time Users:
Password. Please visit one of our three offices or give us a call to obtain a temporary password. You will use this secure password just once – the first time you access HTCU @ Home, mobile banking or Punchline. 

As a first-time user of HTCU @ Home, you must go through the one-time enrollment process to set up your security settings. During the enrollment process, you will need to select a security image as well as select and answer 3 security questions. 

After Enrollment. Once you have completed the enrollment process, you are ready to sign-on. At the sign-on page, type in your member number and the random security code. Click "Sign-on". You will then be prompted to answer a security question. Click "Submit". You will then be asked for your temporary password. Click "Submit". At this point, the system will ask you to select your own password. Please see the password requirements above.


HTCU @ Home Security Features:
The Credit Union takes the safeguarding of your account information very seriously. We have created security features within the HTCU @ Home sign-on process to ensure the continued protection of your account information. The new security features are designed to prevent HTCU @ Home users from falling victim to various types of fraud. Our goal is to keep your information as secure as possible while keeping the sign-on process convenient and user-friendly.

Random Security Code. The random security code on the sign-on page is designed to prevent brute-force attacks on the HTCU @ Home site.

Security Image.
By creating your own security image, you are able to verify each time you sign-on to HTCU @ Home that you have reached the legitimate HTCU @ Home page. This security feature helps protect you against the Internet crime known as Phishing. 

Security Questions. Requiring a security question during the sign-on process adds one more layer of security to your account information.

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